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Why Africa is essential for the future of Wallonia: an investor's perspective

Hello everyone,

My name is Nicolas Faith Van Handenhove, a Belgian-Congolese entrepreneur with active investments in Africa, particularly in Morocco and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today, I'd like to share why, as a Walloon, I firmly believe that our involvement in Africa is not only beneficial for the African continent, but also essential for the prosperous future of Wallonia. Wallonia has always been a region of entrepreneurs. We are well known for our dynamism, innovation and resilience. I believe these traits are also evident in numerous African countries. Africa is a fast-growing continent, with an abundance of natural and human resources. It holds incredible potential for investment and development, a potential that I believe can be profitable for us Walloons. My involvement in Africa is not just motivated by a desire to make a profit. Of course, like any investor, I'm looking for a return on my investment. However, I also believe that by investing in Africa, Walloons can make a significant contribution to the continent's economic development. This is where the real benefit for Wallonia lies: by helping to develop the African economy, we strengthen our own economy. We're creating new markets for our products and services, while building stronger links with Africa. What's more, by supporting the development of Africa, we're promoting global stability, which benefits all of us. It is in this spirit that I am announcing the setting up of TCC Enterprises, an asset management company designed to attract more companies and investors to Africa. My aim with TCC Enterprises is to help facilitate and promote economic development in Africa, while at the same time creating opportunities for Walloon companies. I firmly believe that Africa is the future, and that Wallonia has a key role to play in that future. I invite you all to join me in this mission. Together, we can make a difference not only for Africa, but also for Wallonia.

Nicolas Faith Van Handenhove




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